STN PEOPLE – Specialized Talent

STN People - Corporate Mission


We are a company of attraction and talent development. Our mission is to link the best candidates with the ideal opportunities in the workplace, through the deep knowledge of the characteristics of the candidate and new labor trends. We are passionate about transforming lives by offering new alternatives to our candidates, and providing the best talent to the companies that entrust us their recruitment processes.

STN People - Vision


Exercise unquestionable leadership in the industry of attraction and management of talent. Be the #1 option for engineering companies and industrial projects that require specialized talent in the shortest possible time. Be recognized and sought by companies with the best business practices to carry out their most important recruitment processes.

STN People - Core Values

Positive thinking
Search for excellence
Ethics and honesty

STN People - Clients

At STN People we seek long-term relationships with companies that promote talent development and the best business practices.



From Monterrey NL, México, SECODISA SA de CV, our mother company, was born in 1986 with the target of satisfying the needs of the industry through the development of investment projects, from feasibility studies, engineering, equipment manufacturing, assembly, installation, construction, and commissioning of production lines, as well as related services required by the client; personnel management, project manager, outsourcing. SECODISA is a leading company in turnkey projects for the industry.


Based in Santander (Cantabria), Spain, VÈRINGER ADVANCED ENGINEERING is our other half. A company specialized in talent management of people throughout Europe and the rest of the world, in finding the most suitable position in the labor market for your profile. Its goal is to manage the talent in the most appropriate way to archive personal success and that of the company that has relied him with talent management. VÈRINGER specialized in complex sectors such as Oil & Gas, Energy, Food and Beverage, Protection, etc.


Meet our online platform for specialized training in different areas of engineering, such as: Process engineering, electricity, Fire systems, Mechanical Engineering, etc. Our professors are specialists in their field with more than 20 years of experience in the engineering environment.


Share your talent with us! We want to meet you and to have your information ready for any moment the job opportunity that can take you to the next step in your career. Make sure to send your updated CV with your current contact information.